Art glass


Want to add value and beauty to your home? Would you like a window treatment that pays for itself? How about enjoying the beauty of sunshine and the outdoors, while preventing floor and furniture fading, not to mention minimizing hot and cold transfer?

Overlay is a revolutionary technique using a laminate product to create pieces with a traditional stained glass look. Some are calling it the future of stained glass (see www.essortment.com). AGO offers their residential and commercial customers tailor-made window treatment alternatives.We also offer custom designs for doors, shower enclosures, ceiling panels, cabinet doors, decorative walls and much more. You deserve the luxurious look of stained glass that pays for itself, designed exactly the way you want it - anywhere! Why wait?

ART Glass Overlay-A Stunning Window Treatment That Pays You Back

What is Art Glass Overlay?

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Art Glass Overlay offers you the total solution with custom designed windows and glass – wherever you want it, however you want it.  With stained glass overlay - you truly can have it all.(Value for you).

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